Prefabricated houses from House_Q

Modern / Ecological / Timeless / Personalised

Prefabricated houses

We have developed a modern system for the construction of all-year-round houses. We focused on allowing investors to adapt their homes to their individual needs and local regulations. Our technology is characterized by speed of construction, low embodied carbon and adaptability.


Our system allows you to choose different finishes. The final appearance of your building will be influenced by factors such as your own preferences, terrain characteristics, local sourcing of materials, local character or local law. The combination of our design and your requirements will produce different results. 



Cabinet, small homes from 21 sqm

Now for only £34 989


Pitched and flat roof prefabricated outdoor kitchens

Now for only £19 989

OUTDOOR rooms/offices

Works space, gest room, gym.. You decide.

Now for only £9 989


Pitched and flat roof prefabricated garages

Now for only £19 989

House_Q System

We picked and designed a set of components that we put together from a cost efficient, high quality, adaptable, interesting and utilitarian building meant to provide shelter and well being for its inhabitants.