Usable Area 377 square foot

House_Q 35C

Features & Specs



35 m2

Usable area

35 m2

Building area

3.9 m

Height of the building to the ridge

10 m

Face to face

3.5 m

Building width

Get A glimpse Into our world. design is ours passion. Our projects our art.

House Q marries traditional, proven building techniques with benefits of prefabrication. Our focus is put on improving time-tested solutions to create a pleasant indoor environment. House Q’s unique production provides continuous and dependable service. Our supply chain is diversified and decentralized allowing us to be flexible and to produce houses on time. We take pride in the ability to maintain high quality regardless of volume.


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Our system allows you to choose different finishes. The final appearance of your building will be influenced by factors such as your own preferences, terrain characteristics, local sourcing of materials, local character or local law. The combination of our design and your requirements will produce different results. 

3D Projects

Watch this project in 3D technology. You will be able to go inside the house to see the layout of the rooms to feel if this design suits your needs.


A detached building with a terrace to year-round use. Lower prices when buying in bulk.